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About The Hawramani Institute

There is a need for Muslim intellectuals with advanced knowledge of both Western thought and the Islamic scholarly tradition who can present perspectives and research on Islam in a way that satisfies the intellectual needs and curiosities of modern Muslims. The Hawramani Institute is dedicated to mentoring and promoting the works of such intellectuals. All capable Muslims are invited to join and contribute.

Your support enables the Institute to continue operating and producing high-quality articles and research. All donations will be used strictly for the benefit of the Institute in the following ways:
  • Funding the purchase of high-quality academic books and papers for our members. Academic books can be extremely expensive (in the hundreds of dollars) and your support is essential in enabling our research.
  • Funding the publication of our books and our planned magazine.
  • Funding the creation of our planned Encyclopedia of Hadith Transmitters, the largest encyclopedia of hadith transmitters that will be essential in taking hadith research to the next level.
  • Funding the creation of beneficial mobile apps to further Islamic learning.
  • Enabling the Institute to hire full-time researchers.
  • Paying web hosting, web development and email newsletter costs.