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is creating a Science news site in hebrew called Hayadan.org.il
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About Avi Blizovsky

A journalist from 1983, always wrote about science and the environment every newspaper I worked for. since 1997 I started Hayadan - a site that dedicate to science news - due to lack of science reporters in the conventional media.

I know from the readers that they like to have an unbiased source for science news counter the new age nonsense and other science deniers. in several cases i also heard about high school kids that choose scientific career with the site's inspiration.

Award Winnig
Hayadan got two major rewards: from the Israeli Academy of science in 2009 and from Google Israel for an excellent in online journalism in Eilat Journalism Conference in 2012.

During its dacades of existence the site Grew and it became a reliable source but it does not get any support from governmental or academic sources. They probably think that such a good and professional site should fall from the sky without any needs. Other sources like the Industry try to influence the content (in areas such as on global warming, evolution etc) so I left only with small ads that doesn't let me employ even myself. I get helped by volunteers but it is not enough for 7 days a week news site I will also need a help to develop an English version.

Israel is a scientific super power, with 7 major universities all in the list of 500 best universities in the world, about 10 Nobel Laureates and budget of b2$ (not including donation) for higher education. I am frustrated that any penny doesn't leak to my project that help them all to tell the deepest scientific findings like no other media can give them.  they still think that they deserve it for free.

If one of you want to help Israel to be a better place and stay in the scientific edge the way is help project of science communication. Professor Mike Levitt from Stanford that won last week Nobel prize in chemistry (together with Arie Warshel and Martin Karplus, on work he started with professor Warshel in the Weizmann Institute in Israel) said in his Nobel lecture that the Inspiration for learning biochemistry came after a TV series on the code of life he saw on the BBC.
Media matters, wee need more scientists.
thank you for your help

Avi Blizovsky
owner and editor of Hayadan.org.il

$27 of $5,000 per null
with more resources I can expand the site to more areas and extend the number if Items per day to handle with more subjects.
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