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$10 is the recommended contributions for supporting Extemp Engine.

While every bit helps, I consider your contribution to be a 'yard stick' for how much value you feel that you've received from my App.

To you who feel Extemp Engine is especially valuable I'm very thankful.

If you are an educator or parent, please consider how many of your students are using Extemp Engine and adjust your contribution as you see fair.




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ExtempEngine isn't my primary job or anything near that, I've ran
this app for the past few years simply for nostalgia, and because I wanted
to help out my alumni at my own high school. I try to fit in time to
keep it running smoothly, but that's not usually possible due to business and life priorities .

I'm currently co-founding a software consulting company and a real estate marketing & recruiting company -- both of which consume most of my time. It's difficult for me to justify working on a free project that takes away time I should be spending on paying clients from the companies I'm a part of.

If there's serious interest in financing further development of the Extemp Engine I will dedicate  more time to it, but at the moment it's a hobby for me personally.

My standard consulting rate is 150$/hour, but I'm willing to work at a severe discount on Extemp Engine. It's one part nostalgia, and another part charity. I got a lot of personal value from competing in speech and debate, so this app is my way of giving back.

My Goal is to dedicate 1 hour of time for development per 50$ funded per month.

If you contribute:

I will also make myself directly available to you.
I will provide my direct cell phone number, and add you on your preferred social networks.
I will use YOUR opinions as priorities for what features to develop or issues to fix.
$0 of $100 per month
Many ExtempEngine users told me about features they would like to see, or problems they currently have with Extemp Engine

This goal encompasses these topics:
- Search Options  -- search specific sources, or exclude specific sources
- Easy Delete All -- easily delete your previous year's articles with one button
- Public Android App -- I will release the android app publicly on the android store, and not require anyone to join to google group to download it
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