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About Hannah Birch Carl

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. My name's Hannah and I'm a painter, actor, mixed-media sculptor, singer, performance artist, blogger, and sound/video artist. I also dabble in digital imagery. I've been making art in some form or another for as long as I can remember, and I know I will be creating things for the rest of my life as well.

Thematically, my work explores humankind's relationships with love, sadness, smallness, fantasy, and animals.  I draw heavily from personal experience and a highly precise sense of aesthetic balance. I enjoy repurposing found objects and creating sound collages from urban environments. 

 Anyone who knows me knows I need to be able to create art in order to live my best and truest life. I place a lot of value on granting myself the time to express myself freely through painting, sound art, and theatre. Due to this, I've often struggled to make ends meet. I've worked diligently nearly every day for years but as we all know, a living wage is hard to come by in the art and theatre worlds. 

I've come to Patreon to find and connect with people who might appreciate what I do and be willing to support the continuance of my work. As mentioned above, I do a lot of things! I have such passion for creation, I have no doubt that with your support I will be able to do many great things. 

I've recently started a new blog to showcase my work and other projects I am involved in: https://coolcarpetstains.wordpress.com/

Attached video is my latest work of video art, "Hi! Land of Animals: The World is a Happier Place When I'm With You" which I think says a lot (in its own way) about who I am. Enjoy!

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