is creating a D.I.Y. Powerwall from used laptop batteries!




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About HBPowerwall

My project: To run my home from 1000's of  18650 cells sourced from used laptop top batteries and charging them from  4.5 kwh of used solar panels bound for land fill or melting down.

This whole project started as a complete joke and grown to a project that I'm extremely proud of. Patreon donations allow me to do the little things and for the most part, pay for my 18650 plastic holders so I can get the project to the next level. As I move forward with the project it begins to cost more and more as all the little cheap things have been completed. 

The next stage will be working on a new shed or bunker that is dedicated to housing my batteries and equipment and hopefully picking up an inverter sponsor to upgrade that also.

I'm very much grateful for the support not only here but also the PayPal donations that also contribute to making this project affordable.

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