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Thank you for being interested in And for reading this (I'll be brief.) And for -- please, please -- becoming a supporter.

I launched "for people with more taste than time" to praise books, movies, music and products I like. Unlike every other cultural concierge or online review, I had an original insight: I didn't have to write only about new stuff. Because just about everything ever released is available on Amazon, I could tell you about my all-time favorites, whenever they were created. As I say, "If it's new to you, it's new."

Since 2004, I've been publishing four days a week, except for a few weeks in August and again in December. (Even butlers need time off!) There are now almost 2,000 pieces in the archives. (I hesitate to call them "reviews" --- they're more like emails from an enthusiastic fan.)

I've loved writing these pieces. And your emails. And the close friendships I've formed with people I've never met.

I never saw Butler as a big money-maker. I just wanted it to stand on its own two feet --- to pay for itself. But the business model no longer works. Month after month, Butler is a cost.

If I'm to continue regular publication, I need some of my readers to help me pay the bills. 

Note: Patreon's screens suggest that a donation of $1 is fine. Not to be an ingrate, but unless thousands of you pledge $1, that small a donation is of no help to me.

What will you get if you make a monthly pledge? Simple --- you'll get exactly what the readers who don't chip in will get: Butler four (or maybe three) days a week. Does that seem unfair? Well, that set-up --- some subscribe, some get it free --- seems to be working pretty well for NPR and my favorite radio station, WFUV.

Really? Nothing extra? Sadly, no. I have a book to write, a play to promote, a movie that needs a production team, and a teenager I help and annoy. I simply don't have time to create something "extra" for subscribers.

And if I don't raise enough to cover my costs? I'll have to stop publication. But I'll leave the site up, and, if so inclined, you can read your way through the archives.

Best case: Butler lives. And with the financial crisis solved, I can continue to challenge, enlighten, educate and amuse you --- I can go on being the best possible butler for your head.

Patreon encourages me to make a video "that shows how real this is to you and how much you value their participation in your journey." Better idea: offer a video from the site. Something you might never have known about if I hadn't showcased it. So here's the Allegri "Miserere." (It's just 8 minutes. Click to watch the Tallis Scholars perform it.) It was written in 1638 and held by the Pope for his personal pleasure until.... well, why not go to and read about it? 
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These are the site's fixed costs: the newsletter service, hosting, buying books/music/products, technical fixes, and the occasional budget-buster, like having the site upgraded so you can read it on your phone (as about 40% of you now do). I don't have advertising or sponsors. Amazon commissions have become a bad joke. So my goal is for subscribers to cover those costs. If it turns out that many of you give generously and I suddenly have something like a salary....I don't allow myself to think about that. But, okay: surprise me.
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