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Your decision saved me at least another hour, keeping free from earning the living, allowing to concentrate on creation... or at least slacking with greater good in mind. Anyways! By becoming my patron you'll earn a place in titles, both in game and as stand-alone document. You'll also be able to participate in all project-related polls. Each $ spent here as well as in any tier below counts as another potential vote.
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With that tier, in addition to Benefactor things, you have an option to add any particular bit of folklore, witty talk, dialog case, generally "one-liner scene" to the street passersby event selection or other relevant place. If you have some thought, catchy phrase, reasoning relevant to the setting, speak up your mind!




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About Elrond

Good day, my name is Bronislav, I'm a video game developer from Belarus. Quite some time ago I was working on a visual novel about a young man dealing with a kind of problem, with a parting of sorts, imaginary yet the most real. Without any solution. The thing became somewhat spacious but never was finished. It is written in Russian and accessible for free/is in public domain.

Now I'm resuming my work and starting this Patreon page. My current goals are

- To translate what's already written into English.
- To finish what's only partially written.

The game can be downloaded here.

The project page, main stuff is here: https://heartbeat-game.blogspot.com/

If you like the project, please consider supporting me, relieving the burden on my quest of delivering the work to the broad audience, bringing an independent video game developer trade closer to becoming my only and full-time occupation.

Thank you for your attention. If you have any questions/suggestions, please leave them in comments, I'll answer as soon as possible.

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A journey of a thousand li starts with one step. Upon reaching this mark it is clear that the project has attracted his initial attention, and so it is worthy to continue. No cancellation at this point: the game will be developed until it's done.

Having a need to maintain an outside occupation, the estimated rate of updates is at least 1 per 15 weeks, but probably much faster.
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