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About Heather Feather

Who am I?
Hello everyone!  My name is Heather Feather, and I make ASMR videos on Youtube.  I make two videos a week (sometimes a little less and sometimes a little more) to try and help people tingle, smile, relax, and sleep.  I have a huge variety of videos on my channel: Over 150 total videos, over 50 Role Plays (with over 15 original characters), loads of Sound Assortments, Guided Meditations, original stories and characters, Pure Sounds Videos, and Sound Slices.  I enjoy experimenting with my content, and don't believe in creative boundaries when it comes to eliciting ASMR.  I have an ASMR Blooper Channel, and an ASMR blog.  Making ASMR videos is my passion----I have never found something I love as much as creating videos that help people, and I have a million ideas I want to try to keep reaping those tingles in the future. 

I spend as much time making videos as most people spend on their full time jobs...sometimes more than that.  I love every second of the process, and I take a huge amount of pride in the content I put out.  I have so many ideas and stories I want to tell through a medium that allows me to express my creativity, love of nostalgia, love of pop culture, and simultaneously help so many others via the wondrous sensation that is ASMR.  I want to create the best possible content I can, and I am always pushing to improve my content.   Patreon could help me with my goals of efficiently and consistently creating new high quality content.  

What is Patreon?
Patreon is a crowd funding platform for independent content creators.  It's a way to support the creation of regular content via pledges.  Instead of donating to something that has yet to happen, your support comes after the content has been created.

How can Patreon help?
By becoming my patron, you can help me have more time to create videos, access to new and higher quality equipment (that I am itching to use in videos), and the ability to finally create the visions I have for my videos via new software, recording techniques, and locations.  Though I have been lucky enough to have the best people on the internet cheering me along, lending me advice, and being my inspiration to always strive for better; the burden of cost of materials (from things as small as batteries and fake nails every week to things like lighting, software, electrical equipment, computers, etc), and most importantly TIME, fall solely on me.  I devote nearly every available minute to creating ASMR videos.  New equipment, software, and resources, can help me create videos more efficiently---allowing me more time (to create, edit, and experiment)---which will not only improve the quality of my work, but the quality of your experience.  

Why Patreon?
I want to branch out from being so dependent on the unreliability of Youtube for the income to support my endeavors.  I love Youtube, and I love being a Youtuber more than anything---but I sometimes feel very much at the whims of advertisers, glitches, false flaggers, people using adblock, and networks laying false copyright claims on videos in order to hijack their revenue.  Patreon will (hopefully) alleviate the stress of these inconsistencies and frustrations.

What is a good donation amount?
I have been blessed to have the most supportive and encouraging people as my friends and viewers on my Youtube journey.  No matter what happens with Patreon, I will still be creating ASMR videos for free---it is one of my great loves, and I wouldn't give it up for anything.  If you can donate, any amount will be GREATLY appreciated (every penny is significant).  If you can't donate, it doesn't make me any less grateful for you being a part of my team.  Thank you for even considering it.  

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