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Hi everyone!

I have been an independent story teller for 14 years now! WOW! There are so many stories that I find which need to be seen, heard, told. So I'm asking for an army of backers to come forward to help me produce the stories that are out there. For years I have captured stories and have an epic backlog of film that needs to be shared.

I'll be using this Patreon site to gain independent support so I can finally purge the archives and bring you the stories I know you'll love.

In 14 years of business ownership I have learned what journalism school never taught me. How to make money at the business of photography and video production. One way is by independent sponsors such as yourself.

Please support my efforts, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Thank you!!
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When I reach $500 I will release the audio interview I did with Shawn Ferringer related to his failed suicide attempt. A victory for our community and the Holy Spirit.

Shawn is public about his testimony and along with his family, advocates and raises money for suicide prevention.
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