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Ok, you are no longer just a patron of the arts. You've gone up a to Executive Producer of the band. We'll be calling or emailing for a chat. 


Hello you.

We are HEKSAGONS.  We make music, videos, remixes.... 

Heksagons are Bobby and Hinhin. Bobby is also from the band Does It Offend You, Yeah?

HEKSAGONS music is released in EPISODES. For free. Gratis. No charge. 

We promise to keep making music that wouldn't be out of place on the Old Grey Whistle Test or on the flight deck of an alien spaceship. We will continue to make music with 1970s synths, talk boxes, theramins, flutes, mellotrons and a good pinch of psychedelia. We will also continue to make weird and wonderful music videos. We have some crazy plans cooking! 

download EPISODES Two here

 EPISODES One is here

We hope you like it! 

With your support we can make EPISODES III and keep making music videos.

EPISODES THREE - help make it happen.

The website you are on now is called Patreon.
It was set up to let fans invest in artists and have first access to the art they create. 

We would love for you to support us with the occasional tip. Since piracy won't go away, there is a need for a new way to fund artists. Patronage is that way. Patronage is just throwing some change in our hat. If you throw some change in our hat we'll give you a wink and a grin - and some extra special goodies that nobody else gets! 

You can tip as little as $1 or as much as you like.
Think of it as a kickstarter that supports artists in the long term. 

We promise that you will get at least one new 'thing' every month.
A song, a video, a mash up, a remix, a puppet show...

Different levels of tip will mean access to extras.

For only $1 a month you will get blog posts that the public can't see and early access to the music, music videos, video blogs etc. You can also feel awesome because you are an early adopter of the future of music and art funding. 

For $25 you can get an ongoing music production course from Bobby. Bobby has produced music for DIOYY?, remixed Linkin Park and 50 Cent and made music for films, computer games and commercials.

You can even become a full partner and Executive Producer of the band.

We think Patreon could be the way in which alternative music will be saved. We love it. It will be huge. Check out Amanda Palmer's TED talk on the subject. It's inspiring.

To those who support artists, musicians and those who create:

Why patronage?

Piracy will not go away. Sadly small bands keep plodding on trying to sell music to people who download it for free. The way art and music is funded currently is broken.

Happily there is a new way.

Patronage will be the revolution that music and art needs to be a healthy melting pot for new ideas again.

Our band HEKSAGONS will continue to give music away. We make music that we like and we hope that others like it. We want everyone to have it. If you can't afford music we still want you to have it. We are happy to work for tips. Because that's all this patronage thing is. Being able to tip artists who give art away for us all to enjoy.

The last time there was a revolution in music, it was punk embracing the DIY ethic. Kids pressing their own records, creating their own fanzines and bypassing the established industry. That was 40 years ago. Now artists have the technology to make our own recordings, shoot our own videos, create our own blogs and fanzines and have access to a potential 7 billion fans. Now that there's a mechanism to show support to music again, things could get really exciting!

We can all be patrons of the arts.

Bobby & Hinhin x
1% complete
First milestone! This will be invested in equipment, software, camera equipment, internet/website costs etc. We'll do a podcast to celebrate. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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