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About Hello Batty

Hello Foolish Mortals

Oh geez! I'm just doing what I love! It doesn't pay the bills but I get by. A little help is always appreciated but I will work hard to bring a little weirdness to your life either way.

About Me 

My username across the interwebs is HelloBatty but you can call me Kat! Born and raised in Arizona. I make YouTube videos about alternative fashions like Lolita and Goth. I also love all things pop culture and frequently attend Comic and Anime conventions on the West Coast. Sometimes I cosplay and sometimes I model. But, mostly I just like to have fun and film my life to share a bit of weirdness with my viewers. 

Why did I start a Patreon account?

To be honest I started a normal account just to follow and support other YouTubers that I love. Seeing people reach for their goals and the amazing people of this community made me consider starting one for myself. I get easily embarrassed asking! >////< So, if you want to help me out I would be so grateful! Even just the fact that you watch my videos and find them entertaining enough to hit that subscribe button is enough for me. I love you all so much. 

How Does it Work?

You can choose how much you donate monthly. I set it up as a monthly donation just because I am a spaz about how many videos I upload weekly and paying per video/project could kill peoples budgets. This way you are paying the same amount no matter if I post 3 videos a week or 10! All you need to do is set up the max you want to donate each month and the rest is all on me to bring you better content!

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