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The easiest way to support my goals and receive high-quality training materials (w/ PGNs). Includes:
  • Kostya's Blueprint - A comprehensive guide to chess improvement, with regular installments, including useful resources & recommendations (books, videos, apps, etc.)
  • Annotated Games - I plan to upload some of my most memorable and interesting games, as well as top-level games with instructive value.
  • Post-Mortem Videos - Every time I play in a tournament, I plan to analyze my games in detail and highlight the instructive moments. 
  • Access to Private Discord Channel - Chat and discuss all things chess with other like-minded Patrons. 
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This tier is for tournament players and coaches who want exclusive instructive content (videos + PGNs) and opening analysis. Includes:

  • Instructive Content for Coaches - Games, excerpts, puzzles, that can be used either for self-training or for coaching purposes.
  • Monthly Opening Clinic - Once a month, I'll record a Q&A style Opening Clinic where Patrons at this tier can send me opening questions to be covered in the show.
  • Opening Analysis & Preparation - When I play in tournaments, I'll share some of my opening analysis and insights into opening preparation--after the game of course!

plus all previous content:

  • Kostya's Blueprint 
  • Annotated Games
  • Post-Mortem Videos
  • Access to Private Discord Channel




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About IM Kostya Kavutskiy

Hey there, IM Kostya Kavutskiy here, and I'm a chess professional--my work involves playing in tournaments, private coaching, writing, and now of course streaming and making videos.

This page is mainly about chess improvement. Apart from competitive chess, where my current goal is to earn the Grandmaster title, I also have a great interest in coaching and training chess players to reach their full potential.

On this page I'll be posting articles, videos, and other content that is meant to be useful for tournament players looking to improve their chess, or for chess teachers who could use new material for their students. I feel that the instructional value of my content is well worth it, so please check out subscriber benefits below!

All Patrons will get access to:

  • Kostya's Blueprint - This is a comprehensive guide for structured chess improvement that I'll be adding onto in regular installments. The guide includes how to study each aspect of the game (openings, middlegames, endgames, calculation, etc) as well as my recommended books and resources to do so.

  • The Classics - An annotated collection of what I consider to be the most important and instructive games of the past. My goal is to eventually create a fundamental base of key games that every tournament player must know. The list currently has 29 games and counting!

Advanced players can also look forward to posts about opening preparation, covering general aspects such as how to build a repertoire, learn new openings, and prepare for specific opponents.

As this page grows, I hope to invite some of my friends and fellow chess professionals to share some of their work here as well. I'm truly grateful to all those who've supported me thus far and those who plan to support in the future. Thanks for reading!

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When we reach 50 patrons, I'll host a Live Opening Clinic with access to all Patrons! Questions sent in advance will be prepped and covered.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 126 exclusive posts
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