is creating art for fun.
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  • Access to the Daily Dose of medicine! Study cards I am making for myself
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About Vie

I do art for fun.
I study MCAT materials for my future.
I have this dream of becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon and with that I would like to keep the costs of study materials (and occasionally art supplies) down to a minimum.
Any donations I have will go to getting updated study materials 
(I.e Text books, flash cards, classes, ETC) 

I plan on posting a variety of subjects!
This includes my anatomy drawings I use for studying, animals, and more!

I plan on posting mostly traditional art-
as I am most proud of my traditional pieces, but I may do more digital art because it's cheaper.
Speaking of cheap I use Krita! (definitely recommend)

You can follow me on DA as Grapevie
$0 of $50 per month
  • Get a NEW set of MCAT study text books (300$)
  • Get art supplies as needed (20-50$) 
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