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About Eli Haswell

Heyo! My name is Eli, and I'm the creator of the webcomic Hello World, It's Eli, a combination autobio/humor comic series narrating my experiences as a perpetually awkward transgender person trying to bumble his way through life.

The original intent of the strip was purely to navigate my own life and gender, but it quickly expanded (& continues to expand) beyond any expectation I had. 

My current goals with this project are to use humor to connect and educate people of differing identities, and make people laugh! (That's my favorite part). I am currently also working on merging Hello World beyond LGBT topics (but don't worry, that doesn't go away), to include funny strips weekly as well, and I need your support! 

 I would be eternally grateful if you are able to support me here, there's some super cool rewards, so you benefit too!

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