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About Oliver Levang and C.Vinter

HeLL(P) is a comic based in Hell. In Hell, people live relatively normal lives among demons and other damned people. There's a usual competition in Hell that grants the winner a ticket to Earth, but this specific year, there's an extra tasty prize waiting at the finishing line: A ticket to HEAVEN! To get to the finishing line, 13 teams have to get through seven deadly challenges.
However, there's downsides to joining a competition so great, and will the characters be ready to face the true danger they are in? 

HeLL(P) is a weird mixture of action, adventure, humor and a little dash of drama.
Contains cursing, blood and violence.

Concept, story and characters created by Jey Levang and C. Vinter.
Art by Jey Levang.

The money earned from our Patreon will all go straight back to HeLL(P). It may be to get the comics printed, art material, renting a table at a convention, paying for our website etc. 


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