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About Sarah Barra

About me
Hi there! My name is Sarah Barra, Hellredsky on the internet. I'm an illustrator and comic artist living in Chile. I joined Patreon to support my freelance job as an artist and to keep making comics and illustrations. Creating stories has always been one of my goals, so with that, I want to start creating more zines, comic books, and sketchbooks with my illustrations, characters, and ideas. 

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With Patreon I want to share processes, sketches, and exclusive content, while I create comics. Also, to start a conversation with a patron-only blog, polls, and Q&As to share more with all of you who support me and my art. 
When you pledge you will get:
  • Step by steps
  • Unfinished sketches
  • High res images
  • Zines and exclusive prints when they are ready
  • My eternal gratitude and your name on the credits 

Thank you so much for supporting my art and I'm looking forward to sharing new things with you all!

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I will be able to make comics my full-time job!
I would be able to post more comics, make videos, and also print my projects!
Also, I would be able to travel to international cons to meet all of you! 
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