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About HellthyJunkFood

If you are a fan of our videos and would like to support us, this is where you can do that.  We'd love to think that we can keep doing this forever, but in reality, it's you guys that will actually make that happen.

When we started our Patreon we weren't sure how to use it, what our actual goal was and felt odd asking for donations.  After being on this platform for some time, it's not charity, it's not a donation, it's a family of people who believe in what we do without a single string attached and that's a beautiful thing.

If you're here for perks, anyone $5 or above will be in the ending credits of every single video for as long as they are a Patreon.  Higher backers can be there for life and the Top backers will be featured in such tier.  If you want to become a Patreon you're support will not go unnoticed.
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Our goal is to be able to continue producing quality content that we are passionate about.  If for some reason the world of the internet takes a turn for the worse, your support is all we really have left.  It's you guys that allow creators to push the boundaries and take risks to become something better than we ever knew we could be.  We both appreciate every single one of you on this platform and encourage you to express your thoughts, opinions and feedback as our show continues to evolve.
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