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Thank you for your support! Patrons will be warmly thanked and mentioned directly to families helped. And of course you get to see all the updates on people assisted!
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You're taking it to the next level! ($10 can get a flat of juice boxes or sometimes a desk!)

If the families consent I will get them to personally write you a message on a card, or take a photo or video and post them/send them so you can see the impact you are having.
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You've exceeded the expectations of everyone - perhaps even yourself! Anyone willing to give this much will get a super soft fleece blanket to either use in their own home or give away to a family in need close to them. They may have logos if I can get this initiative going!




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If there's one thing I've always been passionate about, it's helping others. Even when times are tight I never want to (and haven't!) let it be an excuse not to help someone else having a harder time than me. I've wanted to figure out how to make assisting people in need stable/sustainable for myself since it's largely out of pocket right now (Sometimes you just need cash to buy items, even if they're REALLY cheap!), and Patreon came to mind - what an amazing community. 

Creating a blog or stream of the people I help is something I've wanted to do for a long time. Patreon provides the perfect platform for this dream to become a reality, and for people everywhere to get involved and make a difference, regardless how difficult it may seem.
Money goes towards things like food, school supplies for children, furniture for struggling families, etc.
$41 of $500 per family helped
One thing I've learned after moving back home is that there are a lot of struggling people in cities. Some of them have children. Some of them are single parents. Some of them have disabilities. Lots of them are trying to work and fix it.

I've helped some already with my own money so I'm confident that with $500 per family I can get some basic furniture, food and school supplies (if needed) rounded up and delivered to a family in need. 

If you'd like to join/support me on this journey, I welcome you with open arms!
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