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About Help Us To Help the World

More than 70 billion farm animals are being raised for food as you read this. That's ten times the human population. The vast majority of these animals are raised in factory farms. Here, these animals live without natural sunlight, lack any stimulation of any kind and receive absolutely no love or compassion. In fact, they are beaten and battered at every turn.

These animals are suffering needlessly as the health benefits of eating meat are shrinking in the face of research highlighting the health problems associated with over consumption of meat and dairy. Many health associations are now advocating for a plant based diet as a way of preventing heart disease, type II diabetes and some forms of cancer.

Additionally, animal agriculture is responsible for between 18% - 51% of all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. It's the 2nd biggest cause of deforestation globally and in the Amazon rain forest, it is the number 1 cause of deforestation. Almost 100% is attributable to grazing cows or growing soy beans to feed to animals reared in factory farms.

All of this is completely avoidable. We want you to help us share our love and compassion to abused animals and to share the truth with our fellow humans in the hope of avoiding this barbaric treatment of animals, this assault by the animal agriculture industry on our health and the willful destruction of our own habitat.

At present, Japan is one of the only developed countries to have no farm animal sanctuary for abused animals. With your help, we wish to open our arms to animals that have known no love in their short time on this Earth. We believe that all lives matter. Every animal deserves their chance to breathe, smile, run, chase and cuddle. We also want to make an education center where people can learn of the horrors of factory farming, the health effects of over consuming animal products and the environmental effects of eating meat. We will offer plant based cooking lessons to individuals and groups. We will visit schools and companies to offer plant based eating alternatives in addition to advocating for a compassionate lifestyle.

By reducing the amount of meat and dairy people consume, we will improve the lives of millions of abused animals, improve human health and reduce our carbon footprint massively. We will do our utmost to do these things. All we need from you is some of that cash burning a hole in your pocket. It will all be tax deductible, will make you feel great and provide you with a place to stay for the rest of your life, should you wish to visit Japan.

Please, help us to help the world!
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If we can raise $100,000 a year, we will be able to get some land for free in Japan. Rural areas are giving land away to people who can contribute to the local economy. We will then be able to accept animals, feed them and give them the veterinary care they deserve. We will open a restaurant, offer plant based cooking lessons and provide a guesthouse for Japanese and international tourists. We aim to be up and running for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Please help us help the world!
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