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Welcome to the Hemispheres World Patreon Page! We're really happy that you decided to check out what's going on over here and we have high hopes that we can win you as a patron of our work. We're creating the Hemispheres World, a trilogy about the buddhist monk David Shakara which is being torn between monasterial life and urban society. 

However, to thank you for your patronage we currently have the following rewards for you in store:

  • You get a monthly Production Update we normally post on 1st Friday what happened that month. In most cases we will have exclusive preview images for you (Spring 2017).
  • You get Access to the Special Features on the Hemispheres World Website. Simply login with your Patreon account on www.hemispheres.world using the Patreon icon in the top right corner of the homepage and all special content will be unlocked for you. This includes all special interviews and web-comics (Spring 2017).

We're really excited about all this and we honestly can't wait to welcome you as a new patron here on Patreon.com.

Thanks for your time and your support!

- Hemispheres Team
Christopher, Simon, Sascha
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We will create an original artwork every month and give it to a randomly picked patron.
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