Hereaclitus Here Vernon

is creating Hereaclitus: The film, A trans heros' journey
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About Hereaclitus Here Vernon

I have arrived to birth my feature film and praxis, Hereaclitus: A trans heros' journey through an avant-guard shamanic praxis. When I began this praxis 3 years ago it was on the heels of my art therapy thesis at SAIC. The title of my thesis was, "Imaging the Wound; through avant guard artistic praxis. It was an attempt to heal my own personal traumas through my expressive art practice. Over the the last 30 years I have fearlessly performed, painted, sculpted, and created my 'gustamverks' to use Wagners term, because my work has always been in tandem with my art/life philosophy. My gustemverks have remained a bright light in the divergent and often tumultuous tunnels, that I have experienced in my life. My personal struggles with mental illness and addictions, and C-PTSD has meant my work as creatively midwifed me through it all. To catch up my viewers and fans and future Patreons, I have soldiered through to arrive as a thriver, a transgendered wounded healer; an avant guard shaman. My film Hereaclitus, is my visual re-telling of my personal story. Hereaclitus, is a Heros' Journey through redemption and cathathis. I began filming scenes which I call, portals 3 years ago. I began transitioning during the process, so the film also follows this personal transformation from she to s/he to Here. I have decided that during filming I would live nomadically for a year, in intentional queer communes in nature. On my trajectory is rural mountain in central Vermont, a mountain in middle Tennessee and in the desert in New Mexico, ending my film in the Badlands. The experience of connecting to nature, respite, and sanctuary are not only visually and metaphorically the perfect setting for my final portals in the film, thus they are also the sanctuaries I seek as I undergo this personal transform pioneering my avant guard shamanic praxis.
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I hope to perform with my film and give artist/healer talks and workshops for communities through out the United States and abroad
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