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Cabin Boys were often kidnapped by Pirates, I didn't think you looked familiar...

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In a time where the edges of the map still lay bare, a crew of hardened and vicious pirates are faced with something far beyond their own nightmares. Captain T.Hallows is tasked with the impossible feat of keeping his crew not only alive but also sane, in a place where neither are welcome.

Hi, my name is Luke Parker and hopefully that small blurb was enough to pinch even a little of your interest. All by my lonesome I plan on turning this tragic yet gripping tale of betrayal, murder and monsters into a fully fledged graphic novel. With your support of course.
Late in 2017 I began working on 'Here Be Monsters', a Horror Fiction/Adventure story about, simply, Pirates. The idea started from just a few simple concepts of the main man, Captain Hallows and has since evolved all the way into a complete story. That's right, a beginning, a middle AND an end! No half measures here! The rewards for each of my lucky patrons have been selected to be manageable for just one Pirate, never fear though! Every piece will receive my full love and attention. 

This is a project I hope to see take off...or set sail, if you will. And as such all Patrons will receive a Digital Copy of 'Here Be Monsters' FREE upon the Graphic Novels completion.

Thank you for reading, thank you for subscribing and I hope to see you at the end of this voyage with a solid copy and a finished Graphic Novel in all our hands. Or hooks. 

And most importantly, please enjoy :)

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