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In Initiation Into Hermetics Franz Bardon presented a system of practices graded by degrees to accompany the Adept from the simplest level to the most complex state, yet both the practices and teachings contained in his book function only as tools that only in hand Of someone able to use them correctly come to their ultimate goal.

How many people have practiced so dedicatedly and still practice these techniques and fall short of what they hoped to achieve? How many years have you dedicated to this goal? In order to carry out the Great Work an unshakable determination is always necessary, but if you continue to use the same techniques always you will unfortunately always get the same results, how much time do you still believe you have in this life to achieve what you set out to achieve? Using improved techniques in the right way and improving them always more is what will lead to the dreamed goal and we have no time to lose.

Among the Alchemists it was said that the philosopher's stone is like a forgotten treasure in a pit and that the more one tried to catch more the gap deepened and more roots appeared between them and their objective.

That is exactly what has happened and has plagued many of the dedicated students of Hermetic both today and in the past ages, and the hard truth is made present because the path that can be followed does not lead to the True Path because this is something that presents itself Himself in his own way and with his Absolute Power, unquestioning Authority, being The Strong Force of All Strength, to teach you the means of how to arrive in this state of Supreme Bliss where the Universe converges to bless you is the purpose of this page.

Magnus Sarmarx