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A whole dollar? Just for me? Wowza! No sarcasm, I really do appreciate it.  Every little bit counts.

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Gee, five bucks? Five whole whopping smackaroos? Thanks!! With this, you'll unlock a bunch of cool goodies, such as,

- doodle dumps

- character design sketches

- devlog stuff

- general art stuff that won't be posted to the public eye!!

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Man, you're really gonna make me cry with all this cash you're throwing my way. At this tier, you'll get access to everything on the previous tier, as well as a flat colored sketch each month. At this tier, and all other above tiers, you'll go in the credits of my game as a supporter!




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hi there! my name is hero, and i looooooooove to draw and donk around in RPG maker!

why support me? well, other than gaining the benefit of being able to be a hipster at parties and say you supported me before it was cool, you'll get to see all sorts of stuff that never makes it to the public eye! this includes doodle dumps, character designs, and even top secret RPG maker devlog stuff!!! who knows, a blooper comic or two may even wiggle it's way onto here! you'll also get to vote on polls to determine which character i'll make a fully rendered piece of, and suggest characters for the next poll! if you've ever wanted to see a certain character in my style, then your time is now.

for higher tiers, you'll also get artwork rewards from me! anything goes, so long as it's not a really weird fetish. you can even get r18 works from me, providing that you're of age. (my patreon will continue to be sfw, no lewd works will be posted publicly!!)

thank you very much for considering me!! i'm only a student, and i have expensive tuition fees to pay for, as well as general living expenses (if u are a human like me, then you know that we need to do this thing called "eat"), so i really appreciate every dollar thrown my way.
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with everyone's support, i'll be able to begin doing weekly draw streams, where all patrons $5 and over can get sketch requests!!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
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