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is creating resistance, revolution, and magick.
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 Access to my patron only content (there will be a lot). Added BONUS all squired will receive authentically prepared talismans to protect their health and aid in the safety.  
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All previous tier awards. However in addition Knights will have access to information about rituals, physical training, and some special events. Added BONUS, Knights receive authentically prepared talismans to protect their health, aid in the safety and increase their wealth. 
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 All previous tier awards. However in addition to physical training, and unique events; Mages will have access to information about specialized occult training and rituals. Also once a month both a Planetary and a Necromantic work shall be done in their name to increase psychic skill and bring good fortune. Added BONUS Mages will receive all aforementioned sigils and seal but also select sigils and seals which will increase their psychic abilities and dominion over spiritual entities. 



About Heroic Evolution

Heroic Evolution is a multidimensional social platform, ready to serve as the launch pad for the hero's journey of all. Heroic Evolution's content is purposely inciting and initiatory. We aim to create the spark which ignites your own evolutionary atomic bomb. Heroic Evolution believes the answer to full spectrum dominance is full spectrum resistance. Heroic Evolution seeks to offer a myriad of options for developing your whole self while exploring and embodying powerful, world changing archetypes. Heroic Evolution knows every hero and heroine has dragons to slay. Heroic Evolution is about confronting universal evil. Our ultimate destination is where, "here be dragons" is.  Heroic Evolution is resistance nobody is ready for and revolution nobody sees coming.
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All my patrons will receive any books I write for free... for the life of the Patreon page. 


1. Once a year I will hold a 3 to 4 day strength training and ritual  drama event for all for my patrons...for free.

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