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You've won my thanks and a million kisses! Really appreciate your help! <3
  • You'll get a chibi drawing monthly (no robots, no sexual contents and no animals sorry >_< I'm not good with those)
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You're an awesome sauce! Thank you for pledging this much!
  • You'll get a chibi drawing AND a full sketch monthly - could be digital or traditional (no robots, no sexual contents and no animals)




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About Lili Yip

I'm trying to self-improved and also find my drawing style through this whole Patreon's journey~
I know it's weird, but I'm confident I can do my best to impress my precious Patrons with my drawings and hopefully make improvements in return~

Here are some of my old drawings :)
*Most of them are chibis

(My 3 OCs)

(My Aureus in bear costume)

(Little miss Spring)

*Sometimes some full sketches

(Occult Girl from Summoners War)

(Mystic Witch from Summoners War)

For more, you can take a look here!

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I'm trying to get my hands on a Wacom Cintiq for years now and I hope I can get some help and make that dream comes true! Please help out :)
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