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About HexPortal

Hi! Thank you so much for your interest in joining the HexPortal community as a patron! Make sure to check our awesome rewards, and if you're already a patron, thank you for joining us!

About Me
My name is Hugo Lindsay. Ever since I was a kid, I've loved exploring online worlds and I've always wanted to create my own. This is what made me develop an interest in coding and become a software developper by profession. But I've come to realize that for those that don't enjoy coding, there is a very real barrier to creating any type of online world. And even for those that do, it can be a massive undertaking and require a large team to complete. Especially in the case of massively multiplayer games which are typically among the most complex projects. Many end up giving up on their dream, but what if it didn't have to be this way? That's why I started the HexPortal project.

What is HexPortal?
HexPortal is all about empowering you to create your own immersive online worlds regardless of your technical skill level or experience. You will be able to create your own worlds by simply piecing together modules of your choice, tweaking settings, and selecting content from a massive community built library. Deployment, hosting and scaling will all be handled in the background by HexPortal to allow you to focus only on making your world exactly the way you want it. And if you do want to get your hands dirty, you will still be able to create your own modules and content and share it with the community.

Why HexPortal?
HexPortal will make it possible for a single person with zero technical knowledge to create their own fully fledged massively multiplayer online world! HexPortal is also all about community and cooperation and sharing. By working as a team we can create something so much bigger than ourselves. Here are some tools and features HexPortal will make available to you:

Procedural World Generation
You don't have to start from scratch! Start with a virtually infinite sized procedurally generated world. The algorithm will be fully tweak-able giving you the freedom to modify every aspect, such as which biomes exist and their occurence rate. You can then go in and make manual changes, or optionally give players the ability to do it themselves! Plus since the algorithm is deterministic, you can reset manual changes in any given area and regenerate it exactly as it was originally generated.

Massively Multiplayer
HexPortal will fully handle this in the background so that you won't have to give it a single thought. HexPortal is designed to scale up as much as you need it to. Plus, if you want to, you'll be able to enable split-screen multiplayer and cross platform multiplayer for your world!

Modular Design and Community asset sharing
HexPortal's modular design allows for each world to be truly unique. You will even be able to create your own modules! And sharing modules and content you create means HexPortal gets better for everyone with more and more options to choose from.

Join our Exclusive Community
Get access to my patron only feed! Plus, get promoted to a special role on our Discord server and access patron only channels! And get your name in the credits!

Join us with $3 per month or more to get early access to the latest development builds! Keep in mind it is a development build, so expect lots of bugs and unfinished parts. It is intended only for testing and demonstrating features and does not reflect how the final version will be. I'd love to hear about your feedback and ideas, so don't be shy!

Grow the community by sharing our patreon page with as many people as you can!

Special thanks to the following people who have contributed or are actively contributing concept art, ideas, drawings, code, 3d models, and more:
Mikael Gobeil Velasquez
Nicolas Leblanc
Caroline Enright
Nefi Lindsay
Philippe Lambert
Raphael Gobeil
Patricia Favreau
Chris Gagnon
Alexandre Morin
Heyla Sandeep
Lana Fortier
Nicolas Stoltz
Jordan Skadins
Guillaume Beausoleil
Joakim Carbonneau
Joel Fortier
Cristian Hernandez
Marie-Christine Lambert
Kyle Van Der Linden
Nuha Mahdi
$25 of $100 per month
Reaching $100 will cover the operational costs for running the HexPortal servers and I'll be able to stop paying out of my pocket!
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