Hakan Hısım

is creating Mystic Art Manifested into the Digital Domain.
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About Hakan Hısım

Greetings family!

I am a full time artist and animator focusing on creating mystic, psychedelic, visionary and esoteric art. Creating art has been my passion since childhood and nothing feels better than interpreting my visionary experiences into the digital domain to share with the world.

I have set up this page to connect in a more intimate way with my friends and followers, allowing those who are kind and gracious enough to support the creation of my art and in return be gifted with sneak peeks, wallpapers, high res digital files, videos on my creation process, prints, discounts on prints and other apparel and much more!

Every bit of support, no matter how small helps me immensely by allowing me to buy more time to create art and add to its value. I appreciate the overwhelming support from many of you over the past years and have finally taken this step to become closer and mutually support each other in this next phase of creation.

Stay Tuned, I have many upcoming projects, artworks and animations brewing in the crucible to share with all of you

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