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About Hicky Snow

  Hi! I'm Hicky Snow, 3D Graphic Generalist Designer and passionate with Blender 3D.

I am making Indie Games with Blender Game Engine, the current one is called Runaway, it's a old school adventure racing game much inspired in Sonic and Mario Kart Series, focused on sharp mechanics and fun multiplayer experience, with colorful bright graphics and cute animal characters who run can fast with special exo-skels legs.
Being my patron you will support my projects and get copies for free at it's release, and while development goes you get access to exclusive content, details and updates of the project's progress, so you won't stay long time without news about your favorite game project.
Did you liked the idea? Become a patron now, pick a tier next here on the right side, and come see what is already released, new posts, pics, videos, musics, and participate of the closed group-chat in Discord with me and other patrons.
With more patrons I can dedicate more time to the project, which means it can come sooner and better. so share the page with friends for all of you can play Runaway!
See below for more detailed information.

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The Runaway project:
Runaway is a old school adventure racing game inspired by a mix of the best things in Mario Kart and Sonic Racing Series, plus, some of my personal ideas. So if you are a fan from those series or any fantasy racing game you will absolutely love Runaway.
The characters are cute anthropomorphic animals, they use special exoskeletons legs called Runnung Skels that enhances much the user's running ability, so they can sprint in extraordinary speeds for long periods without getting numb to perform a sport game called Skell Run where they  can even leave a trail of air turbulence, run through water and vertical surfaces.
There is 3 Classes of Runners that handles differently specially when drifting, and each character have a special ability buff. Also there is the infamous power-ups itens.
I already have developed a prototype and I'm very exited with the great results I got already, which is why I decided opening this Patreon page. With your help I can maintain a relevant development pace on it. And before the game is totally finished I can release a Beta Demo you can test and report bugs, perhaps even with network multiplayer already. So I hope you look forward about it.

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* 20 racing tracks, 10 battle stages, 18 Runners

*Great multiplayer fun experience that probably will keep you playing for a long time, in local split screen or trough network.
*A very deep Battle Mode so fun as the Racing Modes, perhaps even more.
*A challenging single player with much to explore and unlock. Yeah, exploration in a racing game! Find new paths and secret unlockables to add even more fun on your multiplayer rounds.
*Super nice colorful and bright fantasy visuals, yet keeping the light performance to work fine on most computers.
*3 Runner classes, each character with very unique skills, and playing styles.
*Run not only on the ground, but on the walls and the ceiling to find shortcuts.
*Different itens to take advantages, won them by your timing skill not only by random luck.
* Drift, Boost, and Dodge obstacles and foes itens.
*Take advantage riding in your foes trail of air turbulence, try following the line.
*A fair handicap system for making the experience enjoyable for both skilled players and beginners.
* A complete game, no DLCs or Micro Transations. But the game maybe receive a future expansion if things go well.
For patrons:
*Participate in a concurse to see your own Original Character as a Runner in the game, won and get 4 more free copies of Runaway to gift your friends! (more info below)
*All patrons will get your names in the credits as a symbol of my special thanks to you all.
*Get a special edition album of Runaway original sound tracks.

You know, life is not fair with everybody, and it's easy to get your dreams busted. My dream is to bring my imagination a little closer to being real for you in form of game. I'm working hard for this. But nothing is done by alone. If you liked the project please consider supporting and get a rewarding game at the end. With a little bit of your money every month, or even with pontual donations, you help me pay the productions costs and equipment. With more support, more time I can spend on the production, so it can come sooner and better, also  you're giving me a great opportunity to continue making games, improving, and dedicating more time into this.

Goals and rewards:
Higher goals less price each copy costs, get more copies for your friends because Runaway is better playing together, maybe its a good idea asking them to help you archiving higher goals to earn more copies.
You can donate starting from 2$ per month to reach the reward goals, and you can change the amount you give per month or completely decline at any time you want. By declining you still get the rewards you already have reached, but will lose access to the patrons exclusive content.

(1) Reach 30$ = Get a free copy of the game on it's release. (eight months with only 4$ per month tier) much less than buying a "AAA" game.
(2) Reach 60$ = 2 copies. (ten months with 6$ per month tier). Gift Runaway to a friend!
(4) Reach 100$ = 4 copies. (one year with 9$ per month tier). More friends to play together!
(6) Reach 140$ = 6 copies. (one year with 12$ per month tier). And More friends.
(8) Reach 180$ = 8 copies. (one year with 15$ per month tier). Even more friends!
(12) Reach 240$ = 12 copies, (one year with 20$ per month) Full total online multiplayer party!!!

*At the Game's release every patrons contributions sums will be checked one by one and the respective number of keys to retrieve the game on online shops will be given.
*All goals are available to any tier pick, the valor per month of the tier is a recommendation for reaching a sum in one year. For example, you can pick a higher tier to achieve a lower goal faster, or you can reach higher goals if you stay for more time.
*Reaching rewards goals are valid only before the game release date, if you reach higher goals after the game's release you won't earn extra copies, but it will be saved for future project rewards.

Why Patreon?
Doing in regular crowdfunding site would require me to make lots of marketing work and time to build a big public before starting a campaign hopping for everybody donate at once in a short deadline time. As Runayay is a relatively small project and it can be done by one or two talented people without taking forever I chose the Patreon, with smaller contributions every month we can gain funds gradually and grow public while the project is in development, If the support we're enough I can even dedicate me entirely to the project.

No souvenir gifts?
Unfortunately (or not) for this project I'm not going to make fisical gifts things like T-shirts, posters, figurines, and stuff, the productions and distributions of fisical gifts would take lots extra founds and extra work that I can't afford. Instead of that I'm focusing on get the game done first. But there is some special content and rewards for generous patrons despite the extra copies of the game you can give to your friends.

The Original Furry Character Contest:
Starting from 4$ per month you can send your Original Character drawing for a contest to become one of 5 Runners created by the patrons, the 5 chosen characters will be revealed near the project's conclusion and the owners will get 4 additional copies of Runaway to present your friends and show them your creation in the game.
You can make with any artistic techniques, tools and materials, 3D or 2D, digital or not, but you must send it in a common image file (EG. .jpg .png .bmp), you can send as many different characters you want at any time, but only one from each participant will be selected at the end.
*By sending your Original Character you agree in giving the rights for using it for comercial ends as part of this Runaway title only and it's promotional contents. I shall not use them in other titles or other purposes.

Thanks by reading this!
$0 of $150 per month
Meanwhile I am preparing a playable prototype build exclusive for Patrons with a 2 players mode and a testing area. I will release when we beat 150$ per month, so you can get a better feel of how Runaway handles. And maybe I could update it with new features some times. But keep in mind it will a very early version featuring only few basic systems, so expect bugs, also many major things can be changed until the the final version, this build is just for curiosity meanings. Later I intend to release a solid Demo when most of the systems we're completely done.
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