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Fanfiction. Every fandom has them. They're the fans' way to express themselves, while also taking cover under the wing of their favorite show, game, or literature.
It's a shame that many believe fanfiction are childish, stupid and cringy. That is because most of the fanfiction they come across are, well, bad fanfiction. Often made poorly and with little to no effort, most fanfiction out there is simply of low quality.
Our job in the Higher Power Association is to change this case. We are a group of creative people from all over the world, who share the passion to our fanbases and fanfiction in multiple series and games. Together, we make fanfiction that is put our combined effort into, and made to be in as much quality as real literature. While some of us have regular jobs, others are in need of money and don't have jobs for their own reasons. Then so, this Patreon page was born.
No, you won't be finding any art, or music or videos here. What you will find here, is a humble collection of creator blogs, trivia and behind the scenes, previews to future projects, and occasional details about our members.
Our actual stories won't be here, because they're meant to be public. If you want to read them, either because you're interested or because you want to know what you're going to pay for, a list is presented here for your convenience. 

Xionic Madness 5: DARKNESS

The very first story that could be credited to us as a group, this fanfiction is extremely old and was written when our group had very few members (most of which didn't know proper English). The fanfiction is an extention to the ending of an old web series called Xionic Madness, and was the gateway to our group's start (known at the time as NLMG). The story also paved the way to the conception of Neo Omicron (see later).

TOME & TTA short complication - After the War

Another very old story that was created essentially as a premiere to the stories End of the Conflict and Save the Motherboard. This fanfiction is that of the old web series TV TOME Adventures or TTA, and to its reboot, Terrain Of Magical Expertise. Other than splicing the two contradictory continuities of the series, After the War also drew hints and crossovers with DARKNESS as well as nods to other web series like BunnyKill. This story was the breeding ground to Welcome Back to TOME.

End of the Conflict, a TOME Tale

The third in the first litter of stories we've made. This story perpatuates the connection between its two predecessors, as well as brings up more conceptions and raw ideas for future use. The other major thing this story did was building more ground to its immediate sequel.

SAVE the Motherboard, a TOME Tale

The fourth and last story in the original group of old stories and the sequel to End of the Conflict. Those four were only the beginning of our group, two years ago by the time I'm writing these words. A lot has changed since then, and the Higher Power Association has grown exponentially better as we grow in numbers and in experience.

BioShock 3: Dystopian Utopia

This story and its appendixes could be seen as a midway stage. BioShock 3 was commissioned by a second party in the end of 2016 and was supposed to be much longer than those before it, and including side note documents. Unfortunately, we've lost contact with the commissioner, and over time the work on BioShock 3 was halted until it stopped completely. The macro-level plot of the fanfiction has been preserved and will be leaked into this Patreon in the future. This story was also the inspiration for Sea of NIGHTMARES, and most of it will remain into said future project.

Foregone Fables

This story is much more recent than the previous ones, and also in a much better quality. This fanfiction is independent of all other current projects and is a rewrite of the popular anime RWBY. The story is supposed to rewrite the entire rest of the series and therefore will not be finished until RWBY itself will be finished. This is also the main focus of our work nowadays, and likely most of the content in this page will be about it.


The Sea of NIGHTMARES is the first of four stories that are planned to be our final works, that will have no end. All four of them are meant to be long-term group roleplay campaigns in RolePages that will later be converted into stories. The Sea of NIGHTMARES is the spiritual successor to BioShock 3, taking place in the metaverse of BioShock and System Shock, and drawing inspiration from other games like The Evil Within and Dead Space. This story is in the first phases of making, and its roleplay group is currently in need of members. There is no need for preliminary knowledge either; the story is better enter blind.

Sound Souls

The second out of the final four has came to be almost by chance, when a person who planned to run its story in a roleplay campaign and failed came to join the Higher Power Association. Sound Souls is planned to take place in the world of Soul Eater, while taking inspiration from other series like RWBY, Dangan Ronpa, Akame Ga KILL! and Corpse Party. This story is yet to have a roleplay group or any sort of organized form, other than a bunch of character pages in Soul Eater Amino.

Welcome Back to TOME!

Another installment that is yet to begin, Welcome Back to TOME is supposed to close a circle with the old stories from the line of After the War. Like the other finals, Welcome Back to TOME will be a roleplay campaign later converted into a story form. Its story will be based of the timelined presented in After the War and also take the upcoming TOME RPG into consideration.

Neo Omicron

The very last installment that the Higher Power Association is planning to create, though it is likely that more will be made in the future. This campaign will be taking place in an adaptation of the first story combined with other series from the Madness Combat genre.

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