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About HighJinkx

 Hey! My name is Kit, or Katelan Thomas- and I'm a first generation Saint Lucian-American student at the
Ringling College of Art and Design 

I design shirts for Welovefine and worked on five different projects with Artworks Cincinnati.

  • I like drawing black wxmen ;)
  • 3D modeling and designing video games
  • Designing illustrations for clothing, prints, etc. 💗


You can look at the different rewards to the right of the page! The most basic, $1 grants you access to my Discord server.
 By becoming a Patron, you'll be directly supporting me as both a BLOOMING art student as well as a new online store owner, future projects, etc. I spend hours a week regulating and planning for my social media, I genuinely consider it as a job. Patreon would allow me to see it more that way. :)
The biggest thanks ever! I'd be so greatful no matter the contribution. You all make it possible and I'd love to give back to ya. <3

  My Artsy Social Media's:  

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🎃Redbubble Shop (closing June 10th)🎃

Disclaimer: I do not own the pixel sprites!
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Help me add clothing to the HighJinkx store! Including: t-shirts and sweaters of different sizes! Having this many patreons will allow me to have a larger stock and a faster restock-rate!
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