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About Highly Critical

Hey guys. I've observed that there's a lot of unhappiness and ignorance in the world. Concepts that seem very obvious to me, like empathy, compassion and open-mindedness are lost on pop culture. Instead, the worst human trash gets glorified, rich and put in the position of setting trends.

Enough is enough. We have thousands of years of knowledge at our fingertips. We have thousands of years of technology as our common tools. As a society, we have manipulated the terms and conditions of survival by creating industries. Currently, the rich elite control the labor force and the government and by doing so, controlling our happiness and way of life. Some people can find happiness in the corporate workforce yet there are many functional, hard working adults who cannot.

Now more than ever it's important to support small businesses and local artists/ creators. From Walmart, to CNN to Facebook, large corporations controlling the vast majority of the workforce and wealth, have abused their positions in power. Thankfully, common people have stepped up to reach out and express their perspectives.

My mission is to find happiness in life. Pure, unadulterated happiness and love for my existence. The more I talk to people from different backgrounds, generations, and world views, the more I realized that my general unhappiness was not rare.

During my personal journey, I'll make videos on three major subjects that I see as the most neglected in America: secularism, happiness/wellness, and cultural/ethic stories to illustrate how much better life could be if everyone became secular, happy, and scientifically literate.

If you agree with my mission, please support me as an artist. If you can't donate, please like and share my videos. Consider these videos as samples of a potential book. Consider your support as an investment in a movement to encourage a better quality of life. Above all else, consider how personal changes can lead to a major impact. Let's make society better for the next generations. 
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