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Hello friends,

The fact you've even found this page means something to me! I appreciate your interest! Before continuing, I would like you to reconsider donating and maybe give your money to a charity or person who needs it more. I recommend The Human Rights Campaign.

Still here? I'm touched!

Your donations will support my day to day life and the content I output. If you haven't already checked out my almost endless list of jokes on Twitter, my stand-up, podcast and other videos on YouTube or my original memes and personal posts on Instagram... I recommend doing so!

If I can somehow manage to reach around $1000 a month, I'd be able to exclusively focus on my comedy career and outputting content online.

Don't want to donate monthly? You can donate immediately through my PayPal.

Alternatively, you could also by my merch shirt!

Thanks again. Feel free to shoot me an email or DM on Twitter anytime.

Sincerely with love,
Ryan Bourassa
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If I can somehow manage to reach $1000 per month, I'll be able to focus all my time to performing stand-up, podcasting, let's plays, live streams and other side projects.
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