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About High Society Radio

We've been doing this podcast for the past 7 years. In the last year, thanks to the great people at www.MoreLikeRadio.com, we've gotten it together and are putting out great weekly content.

Our hope is that with Patreon we can keep our equipment up to date and have a bit of a financial incentive to create additional content on top of the weekly shows (live shows, bonus shows, interviews, simulcasts of a royal rumble drinking game, etc).

We don't want to have ads, because do they actually work? With the help of our fans we want to bring as much content to your lives by running our own into the ground! All for your enjoyment!
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We will throw a pizza party consisting of pies bought from a local $1 pizza spot in NYC. It will either be at a bar or a TBD party space. If not at a bar, a keg will be provided. This will be the gala event of the season.
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