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About Himalayan Roads

Who Are We? 

Himalayan Roads was started in 2016, with the idea of recording full-length videos of the dangerous but beautiful roads of the Himalayas. We have also started creating travel videos of remote places in the Himalayas and that's why we need your help.

Why We Need Your Help?

Making a Himalayan Roads video costs a lot. The cost of travelling alone goes up to 200$.  Then there is the cost of running and maintaining a website. 

We are a group of photographers, mountaineers and adventure lovers, busy in own respective fields. As of now, we have been spending from our own pocket and collectively using each other's gear.

We want to create better quality videos and that requires better equipment and a lot more time. For that, we need your support.
$22 of $700 per video
When we reach $700, we'll buy a VR camera and record Turn by Turn VR videos.
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