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Hi guys!

  • About me

My name is Alessia, I am not a professional photographer but, with time, practice and study I hope to become someone in this line of work. 

I prefer shooting landscape and animals and my main goal is to give you the best pics I can make without using photoshop!

In the end of September I will move to Tokyo for a year where I will study japanese and I hope I will give you some pics (and why not some videos) about that amazing country that I (and a lot of more people!) love. 

At the moment I work with a Canon 60D with just the basic lens. Unfortunately I am trying to save as much money as I can for my year in Japan  but I hope this little project of Patreon will help me a bit with achieving my ideal job.

  • About what you will find on my Patreon

My Patreon will be free for everybody. I mean, all my posts and pictures will be available for everybody even if you do not subscribe to me!
I want people to see my work (and maybe my improvement) and let you decide if you want to help me or not! In any case I will be very happy even if you do not want to subscribe to me, drop me a text or something to let me know if you like my job and what i can do better :D

I know already that I have a lot of work and studying to do (and I wish to have the time as well....) but I will do my best to give to you some good stuff to watch ~

I will end this with one of my last pic (it is not really one) that I really like!

I hope you will enjoy my Patreon and, if you manage to arrive here, thanks a lot for spending your time watching my work!

0% complete
I don't think I will never reach this point but, if I'll do it, THANKS A LOT and I will be able to buy more lenses and upgrades almost every month!

This goal, for me, it will be more than enough! 
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