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is creating campaigns to promote the true identity of aboriginal Americans

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Halito! Welcome to my official Patreon page!

First of all, let me express my sincerest  appreciation for your continued support over the years, I am grateful for your likes, your comments, and your shares, because they tell me that you are listening and that you care about us. Your past support has been  energy and nourishment for my efforts to continued service. 

So. Now that we have found our true identity via legal means and our ancestral bloodline via documentations, its time to take the next step to reinstate our ancient culture by actuality and application. In other words, we must learn the ways and means of our ancestors in order to control the elements as they once did as a collective. It is time for the original people to bring the plant/ship to order.

That is why we at the Hindsight Project designed our campaigns and commentary to help us self correct and interconnect with each other and our lands. We are becoming a performing society again for the healing of our planet and our people.
Our materials will be accessible via our website,videos, online articles and upcoming lectures. We have also created a textbook that teach our students about their interconnection with their ancestral past so that they can see themselves by the way of history--language--the arts and sciences. 

This why I am asking all of you to support this important mission with small donation every month. This will allow us to do continued research on social, political and economic issues that are relevant to our freedom and what we should do as a collective. 

Pledge at least $1.00 a month will help us unify and create the life we so richly deserve. 
We thank you in advance for your support.

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I would like to have over 1000 Patrons to complete our monthly goal. This will enable us to create and produce great campaigns, invite authentic speakers and lectures who speak specifically to the goals and future of the American Aboriginal. This means we can full our mission to make create quality programs on a much consistent basis. Also, it will allow me to access valuable resources we need for greater research.
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