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We're Alex and Ellie, and we're on a mission to retire early - and we want you to join us! We've created www.HisHerMoneyGuide.com as a way for people to follow our progress as we try to fully retire by the time we're 45. It's a big ask, but we're passionate about our goals. We want to give back by entertaining, motivating and inspiring people to take control of their finances.

We really want to help as many people as possible by reducing the stress caused by out of control finances, and help people get out of the rat race by being able to live life on their own terms. We're posting articles two times a week to do just that. We work full time, so this is a passion project that we'd like to add more time and effort to. But to do that we need your help.

Our first goal is to make the site pay for itself. Our second goal is to be able to create more content - such as an extra post a week.

If you can support us in any way it would be greatly appreciated. Anything you can provide will help us so much to secure the future of the site.

Thanks for reading and for your support, and enjoy the blog.

Alex and Ellie
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