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What is History of Wrestling?

HoW is a 5-year old passion project started by a group of like-minded friends from England, each with over 25 years of wrestling fandom between them. All driven by a love of writing and at the same time irked by a lack of any form of comprehensive written guide to wrestling's rich history, we set about taking on the task ourselves. The mission statement? To cover every single televised wrestling show in the world with the written word. Every. Single. Show.

The idea came about following ex-wrestler James Dixon's foray into writing, when he penned 2012's cathartic tome All Or Nothing - an inside, behind the scenes, firsthand account of British wrestling's Wolf-Rayet star, 1PW. The success of the book inspired Dixon to branch out further into writing, and in Lee Maughan and Chris 'Arnold Furious' Gilder he found two gentlemen who shared a similar disdain for the lack of quality comprehensive guides to wrestling lore.

Thus the Complete WWF Video Guide series was born, an anthology of reviews designed to cover every WWF VHS tape ever released, be it in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, or across Europe. Coliseum Home Video's tendency to mess with catalog numbers made it a thankless task to compile, but an ultimately rewarding one when the books (both paperback and e-book) gained a following.

The addition of the ambitious Raw Files series upped our workload, this time with the idea being to cover every episode of Monday Night Raw. That was fine and dandy during the nostalgic early years, but as we have found, remaining motivated for the drudgery of the post-Attitude era has been tough. Fear not though, we will persist! After that... I guess we have to cover every Nitro. Boy, oh boy.

Progress on further Guidebooks and Files have slowed somewhat in recent years due to Dixon going solo to compile the critically acclaimed Titan series, a trilogy of books which delve deep behind the scenes to examine the inner workings of the WWF and in particular Vince McMahon's mind from 1995 through 1997. The series received praise from noted IWC names such as Dave Meltzer, Scott Keith, and RD Reynolds, not to mention wrestling personalities Jim Cornette and Dr. Tom Prichard.


We would like to do more. So so so much more! We want to expand into WCW guide books. We want to cover every episode of Superstars, Prime Time, TNT, Challenge, SmackDown, and Impact (just kidding). We might even suffer through Holy Foley! We want to release more Titan books covering different years - perhaps all of the years. We want to pick another wrestler's career to give the Superstar Series treatment to. We want to think outside the box beyond simple review/guide books and bring you feature books (such as a mooted A Brief History Of Wrestling Match Stipulations). There is literally no end to what we could do.

That's great, but why should we pay for that?
As much as we love what we do at HoW, real life often has to take precedent over what is essentially a hobby. As well as time, it also costs money to put these books (and website) together. VHS tapes (some of them rare and pricey), DVDs (for full in-depth reviews including the extras - we cannot just use Network versions of things), figures (yes, we want to do a figures guide book...), bandwidth, writing programs, laptops, proof copies, artwork, editing, streaming subscriptions, international call rates (for interviews), web hosting, etc all cost money. We want to increase our output and keep the quality high, but to do that, we need your help.

Do I get anything for pledging money?
Absolutely. While we would be thrilled if you wanted to help fund us for nothing in return just because you are a fan, we feel our patrons deserve more. We are eternally grateful to people for giving anything they are comfortable with (it all helps!) but we do have rewards for specific donation amounts.

Can I change the amount I pledge from month to month or am I committed to stay at a certain level?
The great thing about Patreon is that it's super easy to change how much you want to give from month to month. You can even pledge for a month and cancel altogether if you just want to make a one-time contribution; we appreciate anything you're willing to give!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts

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