is creating homes for rescued dogs

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You like the idea but you don't want to see the effect on your balance. That's fine, like our quote says "If you can't do everything, do something". This option allows you to choose if you want weekly updates on how everything is doing!
We want to support the idea!
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You want to support us and help the dogs. We greatly appreciate that! This allows us to set up little things like we have our "sniffingballs" which will be sold, obviously all money goes towards this project!
We love dogs!
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Wow, you're must be a true doglover. Thank you! This money allows us to not only create a shelter for them but an actual temporary home where they can play and be a dog without having to wory about getting food on the streets.




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Hello there,
We are HJÄLPA, we have one goal in in what we do, save animals, especially dogs. The dogs that are rescued mostly come from Romania and are shipped here to Belgium where we try to find new homes for those dogs. But obviously we need money for those things. We do multiple little things to gather money. What do we do with that money you may ask. With this money we buy food for the dogs and little blankets and little beds for them so they are taking care off while waiting for a new home. Our quote is “Even if you can’t do everything, do something”. If you want to know more about us you can visit us at: http://www.hjaelpa.be/  

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This money will be used for the food and beds for the dogs!
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