H. Jastram

is creating Jewelry and Crochetted scarfs and blankets. I also love weaving
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About H. Jastram

My favorite hobby is creating things.  Sometimes I work on jewelry, other times it's a crocheted scarf or blanket.  I also dabble in unaltered digital photography, tattoo designs and sketching.  My all-time creative passion, though, is weaving.  I haven't been able to weave for a few years, but I will be sharing some of the woven pieces here from time to time.

Your support will help me to meet my family's financial needs as we move from Columbus, Ohio to Houston Texas.  Along with our 2 year old, my fiance and I are moving to another state so that he can go to the underwater welding school there.  It comes to me to provide for us while he attends The Ocean Corporation.

Thanks for your support!!!

Best wishes,
Helen Jastram
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As soon as I've reached $100 worth in pledges I will give away 3 pieces of jewelry.  The 3 lucky Patrons will have their names drawn from a hat.  I will upload the video of the drawing to announce the winners.
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