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is creating Educational Videos in Arabic [Machine Learning, Deep Learning, S

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Hazem Khaled, 29, is an experienced computer scientist from Egypt who aims to make the world a better place with his innovations. As a Ph.D student at UPEC in France , Hazem endeavors to show his students how software engineering can improve people’s lives. He is also a proven winner in his field, having won an award from Fab Lab Egypt, a high-profile center for innovators, and guiding his Helwan University team to second place in a global research competition named ‘Idea to Product.’. Beside that he got the 7th place in the 7th season of the international competition Stars of Science .

Youtube Channel :
Up to 5 Courses in Arabic for Free

Udemy Page of Machine Learning Course :

First Arabic Machine learning and Deep Learning Course on Udemy

Facebook Group :
E-Learning Academy for Machine learning

Where your money goes:
I am working to create Arabian co-working space to support Arabic content especially in Data science and Machine learning fields . I presently do all the programming , editing, shooting, and marketing myself. It's a lot of work and I love it, but I can only output 1 video a week. The money will go towards hiring people to help me with video production and editing, so that I can focus on the technical writing and output more than 1 video a week. My goal is to get to 2 high quality educational videos a week, and for that I'm going to need a solid amount of help from a team.

$6 of $1,000 per month
Once we hit 1000/month, I'll be able to hire some contract help with video production and  i will start to record image processing course and buy the necessary equipment.
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