is creating fictional stories from real music.
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Hi, I'm Hallway, I used to blog at illRoots.com and from there I bounced around to a few different spots online and now I'm on my own. I'm combining my love for fiction AND music into this one glorious universe and this is your portal into said universe. Every week new music content is released and I use a system checks and balances combined with a small tribe of tree dwelling twitter trolls to help me find the gems worth adding to my universe. Check out my Twitter for all my finds in your world. Each week I will add 5 new fictional stories based on 5 of the best music videos out. 
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When I reach 1000 patrons I will release my first ever comic book with art by my friend Knxwfuture and each of my patron will get a special Patreon Variant cover that is signed and numbered. 
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