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Everything posted here--be it a short story, ruminations on writing, or review--will be collected in an epub for backers only at the end of the year. It will even have a pretty cover.
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Are you eager to see what I’m doing with the novel? Support me on this level and I’ll give you an exclusive glimpse at my world—character studies, worldbuilding, and text previews.
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Meet me in the flesh… over Skype! 30 dollars for 30 minutes with camera. You, me and questions about writing, editing, or mythology. 




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About Haralambi Markov


I write weird and unsettling things happening to unsuspecting characters in lush myth-and-magic-rich settings. I’m a Clarion UCSD 2014 graduate and I’ve served as the submissions editor for the audio horror podcast Tales to Terrify. My stories have appeared in Tides of Possibility, The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica vol. 13, Electric Velocipede (story is free to read), Geek Love and Arcane Volume II. In 2015, I’ll have stories coming out from TOR.com, Genius LociThe Near Now and Exalted.

Short stories are my passion, but I want to write a novel – one set in the world of my short story “The Language of Knives” (to be published at TOR.com on January 28th). Novels are tricky beasts that demand time, and time is the one thing I don’t seem to have all that much of as a freelancer. I work as a sales copy and content writer by day, and that’s where most of my times goes. I’d like to reclaim some of that time back and cut regular slots dedicated to this project.

This is where Patreon comes in. If you help me financially, I’ll be able to not only plot out and work on a novel, but also explore the world in greater detail through flash, really short pieces, documents, lore and letters. All exclusive content only you’ll have read. And who knows? Maybe when the novel becomes a bestseller and rockets me to everlasting fame, you’ll be able to say, “I helped make that bestseller!”

What do you say? Want to travel to the world of Prism?
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You get me to here and I’ll be able to expand my posting schedule and move on from one or two pieces a month to three or four. Yes!
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