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is creating videos about Legends and Dungeons and Dragons.

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Imagine me doing a little dance for the copper coin, nothing fancy, after all I won't want to slip and break my face on the floor... Or maybe DO imagine me falling face first, if you're into that sort of thing! :D

You also gain access to:

- the videos on advance, days before anyone else!


-  the Discord channel as a Patron so you can congratulate me on my rad dancing skills over there!

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Imagine me doing a more fancy dance. I'm stepping on people's feet and sweating profusely. It's very awkward.

You also gain access to:

- everything you would get for a copper coin.

- polls! Who doesn't like polls? Get to decide what comes up next!

 - have your name in the credits at the end of videos!

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I'm straight up twerking (very 2013, I know). You throw a coin at me to make me stop. :(

You also gain access to:

- everything you would get for copper and silver coins.

- sneak peaks of the scripts and concept art of upcoming videos!

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I'm an avid Mythology nerd, who, thanks to Critical Role, discovered the wonders of D&D. Come along with me in my journey to join those two worlds together with the magic of drawings and video editing!

If you choose to support me, not mattering if with a like, tweet, sub or straight up coinage *hint hint*, it all will help to keep this project afloat! ^^

Thank you so much for your consideration and I'll see you again, very soon!
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Weekly Streams!

When we reach this goal, I'll be scheduling a set time of the week to stream on Twitch so you can see me working on the videos, getting murdered on Dead by Daylight or so we can just hang out and chat! The VODs will be freely available to anyone late on YouTube and Twitch. ^^
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