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As a basic inhabitant of Hobo City little is required of you, your survival is contingent on the random beneficence of the landfill. Translation: You gain access to a feed of development sketches, gratitude, and significant pride in helping the project survive.
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Ardent combing of the landfill's bounty bequeaths upon you the rewards and responsibilities of participation in Hobo City's trade of dynamic object currency. Translation: The feed is expanded to include actual story notes, storyboards, explanations of lands and characters, and inspirational or anecdotal references, so you can become a hardcore fan-theorist even as the books are being made! Of course major spoilers will be omitted for good measure. Your welcome comments on these notes may even influence the direction of the script, you never know! 
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Your adept survivalist wiles have captured the interest of supernatural beings. Perhaps you can be of use to them, so they bestow you with powers complimentary to your mastery of parasitism. Translation: The rewards of the other classes are yours, however I will additionally choose one of my development sketches per month to elevate to a more complete, digitally painted concept art pinup, and provide it to you in a hi-res downloadable format. 




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About Brendan Coyle

Hi my name is Brendan Coyle, I'm a visual artist that has experimented with a huge variety of media, mixing them and dabbling with different modes of expression, forms, and concepts in order to worldbuild, discuss philosophy, and ultimately create a new mythology.

My most long standing goal is to produce graphic novels, which I am currently writing and storyboarding. After developing characters and hashing out this mythological world for over 20 years as performance art personae, role playing chat room inhabitants, self published minicomics, and resin cast figurines, I decided to pool my ideas about this loose but vast mythology into a distinctly formulated plot and strive for the graphic novel as the pinnacle of its expression.

(My early work is archived on my website Coyle Cavern)

In contrast with timeless classical mythos, this one is relevant to the modern age and its problems. the archetypes of hero and villain are both examples of advanced stages of evolution, Mustard Man and The Fat. One is a human-plant hybrid that can strengthen the fecundity of natural life, while the other is all mimicking, consuming and expanding. Both are the offspring of the inventions of humans, who hang in the balance of these forces, living in the last squalid city, a makeshift habitat in a wasteland of garbage called Hobo City.

Beyond the typical schematics of sci-fi and fantasy, the story spans the causality of ancient, modern, and post-modern epochs of a fictional mankind in a microcosmic three-continent planet. The themes of its history and depth to which I wish to explore them lend to a philosophical fiction genre that I have coined Phi-Fi for the intent/extent of its reflection on worldviews rather than merely postulating possible alternate futures.

With patron support I hope to expand on my ability to dedicate time to this project while forging a relationship between the work and the people most interested in it. The idea that a group of interested parties could be involved in the project by observing and facilitating its ongoing creation is revolutionary. I have worked in obscurity for many years maintaining a freelance career to budget the money and time for an art practice to continue. With the support and feedback of a community of interest I feel it could finally flourish. Books will be produced! I have been aware of the impact of the public on the evolution of my work through acts of performance, exhibition, collaboration, community building and curating over the years. All are ways that the interchange of art and its inherent culture give it reason and integrity. I invite you to take part of this process with me, and create a new and relevant mythology for our time, for all time.

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Let's set some goals! If we hobos can garner the support of over 100 patrons, I will upgrade all the prior tiers with more access to posts and new downloads respectively, and I'll release the Princess Class, a new tier that could be something like getting sent original artwork or having your likeness turned into a character within the panels of the graphic novel itself! As the community grows I will hopefully get a better sense of what type of rewards my loyalty royalty would be into. As the books eventually go into print I can tailor new rewards related to the releases themselves. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
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