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There has always been a constant struggle against what we want to say or do in our YouTube videos because of YouTube's community guidelines and rules. 

Due to the recent changes at Youtube, because of the use of strong language in our YouTube videos they have been demonetized. This simply means we have lost companies willing to advertise on our videos. In the past, these advertisers allowed us to go deep inside and just leave them nuts hanging out and bust all kinds of nuts with some cream-pie action and to earn revenue from our videos. This allowed us to create the content you have loved over the years!! 

We did think about switching to and creating family friendly "G" rated content to win back advertisers but FUCK THAT, we are not choir boys "WE DO WHATEVER THE FUCK WE WANNA DO!!! 

We understand that this is YouTube's business model and this has to be done to ensure YouTube continued profitability and success, but that leaves us FUCKED!!. So we have decided that we will continue to upload once a week on our 4 YouTube channels respectively as a thank you to all our fans.. But unfortunately we will not be able to upload to YouTube at the rate we use to, which was 3 to 6 times a week to each channel.

Due to  major companies ads being pulled off our videos due to the cussing, balls deep action, nut busting and cream-pies and other "offensive shit" I cant think of at the moment this has left us no other choice. Which is why you here now reading this shit. Again we did think about creating "G" rated content to win back advertisers but that's not what you all want to see from us and again that's not us. We want to continue to go deep inside and just leave them nuts hanging out as much as we want in our videos. So, we need your help to enable us to continue producing our crazy videos. Later this month we will start uploading our NEW content which will only be seen on this Patreon channel. This new content will be the content that was being seen on our various YouTube channels:

  • Askhodgetwins
  • Hodgetwins 
  • Twinmuscleworkout 
  • Hodgetwins Vlogs 

In addition to this content we will also be uploading content from our new podcast "Chillin with the Hodgetwins"
 Also what's great about Patreon you will have access to an audio version of all content uploaded here so you can listen in your car while you drive to and from work, at work or anytime you like!
So become a Hodgetwins Patreon Member Today!!

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