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About hodiltoN

If you're here for the Minecraft shader mod, you're at the wrong place. For the shader mod go to SonicEther's page. Please also check each video description for the proper links.

I make a lots of mod showcases, most of the time it's about Skyrim, but I also make videos for Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and Fallout as well.

I'm not going to lie, I'm making this Patreon page to try make a living of what I love to do and to complement the ad-revenue I get from YouTube. Which is pretty bad since "Ad-Pocalypse" hit. A tons of my videos were demonetized losing ad-revenue and views. :(

So, If you'd would like to support me, you can do it here. :) I'm not forcing anyone to do it, it's totally up to you. It's already a huge help that you watch my videos leaving a like or a comment even. Oh, and I also want to thank all those people who have already donated to me via paypal! <3
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What I aiming for here is to be able to cover my rent and bills. With this plus what I make from youtube I could pay them worry free.
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