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As thanks for contributing to Hoggit, you'll be recognized with a role in our discord (and access to the #supporters channel!), a mention on our wiki, and a mention on the subreddit.

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Hoggit Cadet
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  • Discord Role!
  • An objective in Georgia At War (and future missions created by Hoggit) will be named in your honor!
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  • Discord Role! 
  • An airframe of your choice will be made available for you and you alone.  
  • An objective in Hoggit created missions like GAW will be named in your honor.
  • Even if all the slots for an aircraft you want to fly are taken, you'll have one with your name on it (literally) and only you can slot into it.
  • This doesn't promise you a spot on the server, sadly I don't think there's a way to implement that (yet).  If the server is full you'll have to wait until someone disconnects, but then your plane will be waiting for you.
  • While we get most of these in within 72 hours, it can take up to a week to see your slots available on our "At War" servers.  If it has been more than 7 days, please contact a member of #staff on our discord or send us a message here.
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About Hoggit

So I got bored flying all alone in DCS World

And I decided that I wanted to try out the online landscape. It did not go well. Lots of password locked servers with 2 or 3 people in them, all with instructions to go to websites for VFW’s with things like schedules and tryouts.

No Thanks.

I went looking for a place where I could just casually get online with some folks and blow stuff up. After days of searching I found.... nothing. So after sulking a bit about that I decided to try and do something about it, I started a subreddit as a home for people to come learn and fly with no expectations and welcome to players of all skill levels.  6 years later and we're now 14 thousand users strong with a healthy active userbase on reddit and Discord.

Now I want to give even more to the community in the form of content, missions, software, hosting, everything the DCS World multiplayer community needs to flourish!

We're off to a good start with our mission Georgia At War that runs on our dedicated server, and this is the kind of thing I want to bring to you guys.  With your help, we can make Georgia At War even better and expand out into more concepts to bring DCS World multiplayer to it's full potential!
$200 – reached! per month
At $200 a month we'll further develop our mission to pull in real life meteorological and seasonal data from Georgia/Russia, and use that data in our mission.

Currently we just kind of change weather data on a whim, at this level we will be able to make the time commitment to expand our facilities that inject dynamic data into the mission.  This could also be the base that could lay the groundwork for further dynamic features in the future.
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