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About Hog Mob Ministries

FIRST OF ALL, a special THANK YOU to all of our partners that have worked along side HOG MOB Ministries to impact the cities for the Kingdom of God. Over the past 20 years God has utilized you and our ministry and those involved in it to lead people to freedom in Christ and transform unhealthy patterns and habits.

HOG MOB is asking you to help partner with us to help reach more people and meet more needs. Your partnership allows us to offer people jobs to support their families as well as send teams out all over the country to serve in hurting communities and also helps us pay for the FREE distribution of MANY ministry products everywhere we go.

HOG MOB Ministries is an international Christ based discipleship network. We have about 15 different ministries that function within our network. Each one serves a unique purpose in serving a need and reaching a specified people group with the Gospel. We want to be a strong voice and catalyst for change in our communities using practical acts of kindness in face-to-face ministry and discipleship specifically in the inner city, urban communities with a focused effort to reach those involved in gang, drug, and trafficking activity. Almost everyone in HOG MOB was saved out of those contexts and God has called us back to be a light to those dark places.

HOG MOB has been involved in thousands of events over the years. We have seen 10s of thousands come to repentance, baptized as well as set free from all types of bondages and addictions. We specialize in doing block parties, peace rallies, prayer walks, Christian Hip Hop and Worship concerts, Christian movie premiers, and much more.

Our events are FREE for the community. we do not believe in being a burden on the same people we are called to serve. HOG MOB also distributes FREE materials in urban cities all over the country. We are very proud to say that to date, we have physically hit over 1000 cities with the gospel and have given away over $1,000,000 in materials across the US.

Our ultimate goal is to clearly deliver the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ to as many people across this nation and to connect with people up for long-term discipleship.

God has given us a great mission and we cannot do it without your prayers, support, and service. We ask that you prayerfully consider committing to be a monthly patron of HOG MOB Ministries and help spread the gospel to a lost and dying world, an unreached people group who need the gospel. Thank you. 

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When we have reached 1,000 patrons, we will have enough to begin funding our ministry staff and missions trips as well as build our urban discipleship school! 
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